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Before you go to print, you need words.

Lemon aid 5¢ Signs don't work when selling anything more expensive than well… lemon aid!

Biz launchers has talented copywriters available who can make brochures pop, write compelling stories, brush-up resumes and help business owners find the words that will strike a chord with their clients.

Our writers are flexible and perceptive. They are comfortable writing clear, vibrant copy for all sorts of businesses and audience levels. Since many marketing items exist in paper form and online, our writers are well versed in SEO copywriting techniques & will make sure to utilize every project with relevant keywords.

Below is a partial list of the services:

Advertising copy that will intrigue, inspire, and educate customers.

Our writers will develop a clear, concise and convincing brochure that captures the true value of a business, product or service.

A strong resume is essential in this difficult job market. Make sure your customers are putting their best face forward with a polished, error-free resume.

Website copy will balance the needs of the customer with key word placement for search engine optimization. No matter what your customer’s business, PMS copywriters can fill your website with compelling copy that will educate, inspire and, ultimately, move visitors to purchase.

When you have the copy you need to properly describe your product or service, getting the sells and revenue are the easy part.

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